Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sputtering Video

I just uploaded this to YouTube. Click the arrows on the bottom right to watch it full screen.
Lets see if I can get this embed thing to work:


One thing I didn't mention anywhere there is that the pressure is about 200 microns. And I'm sputtering in air.


  1. This is the first comment.

  2. Impressing job for a so simple setup! It's strange that nobody
    commented it yet... I'm VERY interested in doing the same thing,
    so please can you kindly explain how exactly your magnetron is
    made, where is the silver target and how is the vacuum chamber set up ?
    Also you wrote you went just to 200 microns but the vacuometer in the
    video shows 14 millitor (if 1 millitor = 1 micron)... Thanks