Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ZNSE arrival!

The postman brought a great letter today! Inside was a little 1.5mm by15mm ZNSE window with AR coating.

I was very kindly donated this window by Guy at Orcon Technology. Thanks Guy! He sells all sorts of great laser bits on Ebay. Go and visit his Ebay shop:

I need to cover the hole in my OC mirror, so this is what I did with it today.

Above you can see the brass mount which holds the OC mirror-
-Its gold on the other side. I cut that mirror from an over head projector mirror. I figured it would be the flattest glass I could get. As any imperfections would be very big when the projector was working. So I guessed they would need to be starting with pretty flat glass to make their mirrors.
That mirror is JB Welded to the brass fitting.
On the left of that pic' is the ZNSE holder. I cut that on my homemade CNC with a 1.6mm single edge cutter. It came out very well. The Window is sitting in a little recess. It should be sitting on an o-ring. But I forgot.

There it is assembled.The pictures are pretty much self explanatory, I think. By the way, I have not tried pump this down yet. And I have not used any grease on the o-rings. I would rather see if I can get away without it. Silicone is a creep.

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