Saturday, March 31, 2012

Water Cooled Magnetron. A go go.

I decided to try a water cooled magnetron. My Oil Burner Ignition Transformer is rated 8000v at 34mA so thats.....8, 3s are 24.... 250watts or so. Enough to get hot in a vacuum I would think. So I made an inner brass cylinder to fit around my deep pot magnet from .5mm sheet and silver soldered it. I then made two rings of 4mm dia wire, these fit over the inner cylinder. Then an outer cylinder, brass silver soldered. I then soldered it together. The lovely copper pipe to get the water in, came from Halfords. I'm not sure why they sell it but I suspect something on the break line of cars.
So I flared the ends and drilled 4mm holes in the sleeve and soldered the pipe in place. Fingers crossed its water tight...

The seal around the inlets on the belljar is just an o-ring Wilson Seal style. Its a standard plumbing fitting altered a bit on the lathe. It is necessary to remove the first 3mm or so of thread on the 'body' of the fitting in order to allow the 'nut' to pinch the o-ring enough. I also recut the inner bevel of the body of the fitting to 45 degrees or so. It seems to work well. Plus grease of course.

The anode here is a similar setup. The loop is iron wire, well no, its a welding rod so it's probably steel !

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