Thursday, April 2, 2015

The State of Matter as it stands.

DIY metalize
For SEO your supposed to add a caption! DIY Metalization.

A very quick update...this is the state of the system now. The steel belljar is working well. Sight glasses seems to be sealed ok too. After buying a very nicely priced butterfly valve.( Thanks to JF and his wife for the delivery!) I can now cut off the diffstack from the belljar. I got down to below the range of the pirani gauge. Oh yes, I'm sorry I really coped out. I bought a diff pump on Ebay...Interestingly the urge to get the DIY one is still strong in my mind. I do intend to revisit it in the near future. If only to get some closure!
Steel Belljar
Belljar Hoist Mount
 The jar is heavy so I will put it on a pulley and hoist eventually.

Metal Belljar Interior Metalize
Vacuum Chamber Interior
And the interior..stainless steel M10 threaded bars tapped into the base plate.(gas escape grooves cut accross the threads that are in the tapped holes. To try and minimize virtual leaks.). A rolled aluminium ring 5x25mm. Soldered at the join (my first aluminium soldering. Very possible. Probably not a good idea for sealing... Must fly!

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