Sunday, May 16, 2010

This isn't metalizing I know, but I did it today...

Mini Neon Driver
From Disposable Camera Flash

This is a high voltage DC circuit made from an old disposable camera flash. Its similar to the popular Joule thief I believe. Here is the diagram:
This is exactly as it is in the flash except I've removed the rest of the circuit, like the high voltage capacitor. Ouch! Also the switch in the doodle is closed permanently.
In its place I put a mini neon bulb. I like freeform circuits.

Below its running at 1.5v. I don't know whats the voltage across the neon. (over 100v but less than 400v)

Here's the power supply. Its reading .5 amps at 1.5v it goes up quickly when the voltage rises any more. As this is a DC circuit only one side of the neon glows.Would it be possible to do AC by using two of the above circuits at 1.5-o-1.5v?

The neon in the power switch is more impressive...


  1. I like your circuit simplicity and compactness but why you did not post how to make it? Can you write what parts are required and how much turns are in your transformer?

  2. do you have a list of components? i have all the parts ( i think) just don't know what transistor type or what one of the resistors is.

  3. Hi Brandon and gedas,
    Sorry I wasn't clear here. The components are removed directly from the disposable camera flash circuit board and reassembled minus the cap. Exactly which they are I don't know.
    I really think this is the best and cheapest (free)way of getting all the parts that are correct and will work together. Just ask nicely at your local photo processing shop...if there are any left!