Monday, June 14, 2010

The Diffusion Pump begins

To reach a good vacuum you need a diffusion pump or other fancy pump. I decided that a diffusion pump would be my best bet to make myself so this post is about my progress so far.
It seems its possible to make a pump from copper. But I found that many wonderful shapes and sizes of parts are available for very low prices in stainless steel!In the above image you can see the parts. I think the image is self explanatory! I silver soldered all the parts together with Oxy-acetylene. My soldering getting better as I went along.
I'm planning to put a KF/QF fitting on the top of the outlet to the roughing pump. I've just got to find a brass blank to make it from.This is the thermos lid with the center being cut out. it was thin enough a snips would do it. Below is the M6 SS nut to hold the jet nozzels in place. Its also silver soldered in place. Before I soldered the base on! This will hold the threaded bar which keeps the jets in place.

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