Sunday, July 4, 2010

Electrical feed-through

Today I decided to leave my base plate intact and feed everything through the 'belljar' instead. I had a few reasons for doing this, ease of access being one.
So I got out my trusty hole saw and drill and cut two 40mm holes in the top of the gas cylinder. It went through without a problem. I stopped every now and then to add a bit of 3 in1 into the groove.
Then I sanded back the paint and exposed some clean metal for the epoxy to stick to.
I cut two 55mm squares of 4mm glass to act as insulation for the electrodes. I drilled these wet with a tile drill bit. 6mm. I went three quarters of the way through from one side then flipped them over to finish the hole. This stops a large flake being pushed off the underside of the glass when you get through.
I used plenty of water to lubricate. The drill was running slow and I was only pressing till I could hear the hiss of the glass being cut.
Then JB Weld again! I hope this stuff works...

These are my electrodes for the filament power. They are 6mm brass rod. I silver soldered a flange on to compress the o-ring, which I hope will seal it up. the square bit is a baffle to stop the aluminium from depositing on the glass and causing a short circuit.

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