Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nickel Plating

I got a bit of Bright Nickel plating salts from Caswell Europe. I'm using a 'slow cooker' (which I pulled out of a skip) as my plating bath and a pure nickel electrode. This solution likes to be a bit warm in use.

I think the main things about plating successfully are: cleanliness and current control.

My power supply doesn't have current limiting so I have to use the voltage control and just watch the mA meter. Its probably gives a slower deposit or something, but I've had good results with it.
Here is one of my electrodes. I just did them for the fun, I really need to nickel plate the copper parts of the diff pump interior.

I did notice how slippy the surface became after plating. Even to run you fingernail over the surface is quite different to the feel of copper. It must become very flat and smooth at a microscopic level.

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