Monday, August 2, 2010

New Pump Interior

After the failure of my two stage chimney design I was convinced to try a single jet instead. Above is a photo of the 2" copper pipe I'm using. Its upside down here. The small holes are for the condenced oil to flow back in to the middle and the larger ones, higher up are for vapor from around the outside to whizz in to the chimney and go up.
Again this is upside down. The skirt in this case is the same diameter as the interior of my pump barrel. This is only a cap over the condensed oil not a down jet deflector.

I cut 5 nicks in the cone with an angle grinder to allow oil to flow back in to the reservoir. The cone here is another stainless steel funnel.

I don't have a pic but the deflector is also one of these funnels. I have an 8mm clearance around the circumference of the cone for the vapor to bridge before it hits the pump wall.
Fingers crossed.

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